Long Story Short – A Daniel Beyer Profile

“Nothing beats great stand-up comedy. Sit-down comedy comes close, and I guess that’s what I do,” says Hales Corners’ Daniel Beyer of his work creating his six-days weekly newspaper comic feature, “Long Story Short.”

LSS is distributed by the Creators news syndicate, and Beyer believes his frames of funny are a good match for many readers’ current mindset. “I think a good single panel gag works really well as entertainment in today’s day and age, especially online, where everyone’s attention span is so short.”

Shepherd Express talks to local cartoonist Daniel Beyer about his career.

Alas, none of the print publications running [Long Story Short] are in Wisconsin, but of the handful elsewhere that do, he says, “Two of my clients are big enough to sustain it for the time being.” He hasn’t been anthologized in book form. However, the times his ’toons go viral and receive big name endorsements lift his morale, if not finances: “Sting reposted a cartoon of mine last December on his Facebook page and Twitter feed. That gives you a boost, but sadly it doesn’t translate in the pocketbook.” Working at something he enjoys, Beyer perseveres.

Long Story Short can be read at Creators.com and at GoComics.