Cartooning and Caring for Kids

Among the many things that the National Cartoonists Society organizes is Cartooning For Kids.
The good deeds are emulated by NCS Chapters across the nation and the continent.
But it doesn’t stop there, individual cartoonists have a passion for children in need of a smile.

Greg Cravens is a fine example of one such cartoonist.

Since 1989, he’s been making an impact in a different way: volunteering at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital.

“Everybody draws when they’re a kid,” he says. “Everybody. Cartoonists and illustrators and graphic designers, those are just the people that never quit. When you’ve met a cartoonist, you’ve essentially just met a really large child.”

Greg regularly shows up at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital in Memphis to do his part in the healing process – raising the spirits. The hospital and the parents are as grateful as the children.

And the patients aren’t the only ones enjoying themselves:

“A lot of people go, ‘drawing’s your job,’” he says. “Yeah, but it’s not what I’m doing when I’m at work either. Imagine taking the best, silliest, goofiest, most fun part of your job – that’s what I do when I come here and volunteer. I’m not kidding – this is what I would do all day, every day.”

Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital showcases Greg in the Fall issue of their newsletter.


Among other things, Greg produces the comic strips Hubris and The Buckets.

Wow! An eight panel daily strip! Haven’t seen that in quite a while. Today’s Buckets.