On the 90th Anniversary Popeye Watch

Literally – a 90th anniversary Popeye wristwatch.

Bamford London is celebrating the 90th anniversary of Popeye with the release of a new collaborative watch. The watch is made alongside the cartoon’s owner King Features, which has graced Bamford London’s GMT model with Popeye motifs throughout its design.

Channeling the nautical theme synonymous with Popeye, the duo have given this limited-to-50 (emphasis added) piece a navy and white colorway that commemorates the cartoon’s original story, which sees the protagonist join the Coast Guard in 1937 after his stint in the Navy.

I’m sure there are financial considerations in limiting the production to 50 watches, but my first thought was – why not a limited edition of 90 watches for Popeye’s 90th anniversary celebration?

It appears to be a beautiful instrument, but my second thought was – I won’t be getting one:

…pick up one for yourself online or via its global stockists for £1,500 GBP (approx. $1870 USD).


More information from Bamford London itself.

If it makes the offer more attractive, it comes in a spinach can!