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SEC filings are typically dense bundles of legalese and boilerplate. The 384-page prospectus for the impending merger of GateHouse and Gannett, registered Aug. 29, is no exception.

But the document also includes a remarkably detailed account of negotiations that spread over seven months and dozens of meetings before terms of the deal were made final and announced a month ago.

Poynter takes a look at the filing in anticipation of approval to merge.

A further hint of the planned future comes in Gannett’s self description at the start of the prospectus. The first sentence reads: “Gannett is an innovative, digitally-focused media and marketing solutions company committed to strengthening and fostering the communities in its network and helping them build relationships with their local businesses.” (The two following sentences do mention journalism.)

As Poynter mentions there is some recognition of journalism as an aspect of the companies; and print is even acknowledged. But digital is the focus.

Shareholders will vote on the merger sometime in the near(?) future. government approval is a given.


Comics: I wonder if, in a cost saving move, the Standard Gannett Sunday Comics Section will become the default Sunday Funnies of most of the Gannett/Gatehouse newspapers?

The increased circulation would certainly benefit Prince Valiant, a mainstay of the section.



In Nevada the Las Vegas Review-Journal wants a divorce from the Las Vegas Sun JOA.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal on Thursday took the first steps toward ending its business relationship with the Las Vegas Sun.

We are asking a court to rule that the Sun has not met a contractual……

The Las Vegas Sun is a small (a four page/full broadsheet?) insert added to the Las Vegas Review-Journal; the Joint Operating Agreement provides for The Sun to get a very small percentage of profits from the combined paper. My understanding is that for years there has been no profit and the Sun has got no monies. The Review-Journal provides printing and distribution for the paper(s).

The Las Vegas Sun’s daily comics section consists of Dilbert, Pearls Before Swine, and another strip (it used to be Get Fuzzy).



Editor & Publisher gets new owner.

Duncan McIntosh, who revived E&P in 2010 after it shuttered in 2009, has sold the magazine and operations to media consultant Mike Blinder.

Can we hope for a revival of the annual Syndicate Directory?


Syndicate Directory cover via Mike Lynch.