Friday Foster Returns to the Comics Page

After 45 years Friday Foster has returned!

Friday Foster ran as a Chicago Tribune-New York News syndicated comic strip from January 18, 1970 to February 17, 1974. It is famed for being the first mainstream comic strip starring an African-American female in a title role. It is also famous for the justly praised Jorge Longarón art.


Today Friday Foster returned to comic strips as a guest star in a two week Dick Tracy continuity.

Also returning to comic strips after a long absence, though not as long as Friday, is Andrew Pepoy as the artist of this Minit Mysteries installment. Andrew was last seen in the funny pages as the artist of the revamped Annie comic strip from 2000 to 2001.

For some background on Friday Foster see
The Museum of Uncut Funk and The Bronze Age of Blogs.

Dick Tracy can be read at the Tribune Content Agency and GoComics pages.