Nancy an Option in Spokesman-Review Poll


When a cartoonist named Guy Gilchrist wrapped up his run writing “Nancy” in early 2018, it didn’t end well.

Or, rather, it ended too well, with a “happily ever after” and all of the characters holding hands as they skipped into a heart-shaped sunset to the tune of the Beach Boys’ “Wouldn’t It Be Nice.”

It should’ve ended with a punch line after three or four panels, each one simple but strange, and all three together amounting to something ineffable but apt and, most of all, funny.

It’s not me saying that. It’s a person who calls herself Olivia Jaimes.

That’s the “nom de toon” of the mysterious cartoonist who took over for Gilchrist as the “Nancy” cartoonist but who declined to say who she was.

Ta-da, “Nancy” was back.

Or so said the internet commenters.

Some of them, anyway.

The reviews were mixed. Some thought it was a hilarious return to form. One wondered, “What fresh hell is this?”

The Spokesman-Review profiles the new Nancy,
a prospect for their reconditioned comics page.