Comic Strip Tricks of the Trade


In a recurring background sometimes I’ll draw it once
and then drop it in using Adobe Photoshop.

Last week Jim Keefe showed us a process he uses on Sally Forth.


It looks like Dave Clark read that and tried it on this week’s Barney & Clyde,
though Dave Clark’s strip is thiiiis close to wallpaper.

Also – I really enjoyed the reflective-like symmetry of the Barney & Clyde art.



2 thoughts on “Comic Strip Tricks of the Trade

  1. Stuff like this is always neat.

    I would do this on my strips sometimes, although in my case I would pencil the same element once, then just ink that on multiple panels (so it’s not exact in every panel even if I inked over the same sketch several times).

  2. ^ Samesies!

    AFAIK, the readers appreciate the extra effort vs. copy/paste. At least some of them. Those precious three or maybe four that care. OK, maybe it’s just my mom.

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