“I am canceling my subscription” (letters)

Some newspapers readers, and their letters to the editors.


I want to thank Jeff Darcy for finally giving me the courage to say enough is enough…

Jeff Darcy

…with “I Really Don’t Care, Do U?” emblazoned on the the back of President Donald Trump’s jacket, in regards to the recent shootings. The Plain Dealer has become a one-sided opinion-based paper and I am sickened by Darcy and by The Plain Dealer’s myopic view in reporting the news … After 40 years, I am canceling my subscription.


Joseph Goebbels would be proud… (More on Jeff Darcy cartoon)

Even in the wake of the tragic mass killings in Dayton and El Paso, The Plain Dealer can help itself but to continue to spew out its hate for President Donald Trump…

Joseph Goebbels would be proud of the work you people and Darcy are doing to continuously sow discontent throughout society. But in your minds, it’s for the greater good, right?



Erroneously attributing a statement to that sacred book is just wrong…

Joey Weatherford

In 2019, it’s easy to provide a false quotation. And it’s even easier to find out that the quote is fake. The Times News provided the fake quote today (Sunday, August 12) by printing an editorial cartoon…The problem is that this isn’t Psalm 56:8. It’s not found anywhere in the book of Psalms. It’s not found anywhere in the Bible at all.

…the book of Psalms is held sacred by literally billions of people around the world – Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Erroneously attributing a statement to that sacred book is just wrong, lazy, and beneath what we expect out of responsible journalism.

For the record: Psalms 56:8



…it is obscenely offensive to Jews, which I am one.

Mallard Fillmore by Bruce Tinsley

I’m not sure what Bruce Tinsley is trying to intimate…

Things like this only serve to incite people to hate. If you don’t like someone, just say it. Stop using Jews as political footballs.



I was saddened to learn of the termination of singular local treasure Mark Streeter

Mark Streeter

Without reservation I take the editorial page editor at his word that the decision was one simply of the bottom line, regrettable as that itself may be. In closing, I deeply thank Streeter for making wonderful artistic and editorial contributions for more than a generation. [scroll to bottom]



…either Mr. Kelley is disingenuous or a lazy researcher.

Steve Kelley

While Mr. Kelley’s credentials are impressive (he has won several journalism awards), this is not the first time that I have been able to take factual exception to one of Mr. Kelley’s cartoons. I think that the paper should do a better job of vetting his stuff before publishing, maybe not for crass humor (which may vary with one’s tastes) but certainly for accuracy.



180 degrees off the mark of reality

Phil Hands

The cartoon only would have made sense if a fat elephant in a red cap were shown making such remarks. Doesn’t Hands read, listen to, or believe the actual national news?



And also thanks to Jeff Darcy for his cartoon.

Jeff Darcy

If only “cleaning up the filth” could be so easy.


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  1. Regarding the objections to Darcy’s cartoon — Just where is there substantive evidence that Trump “really does care?”

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