THE NIB: The Website-The Magazine-The Fundraiser

By now you know The Nib got cut loose from its publisher earlier this summer — rather than fold, Matt Bors and his crew decided to go independent.

The Nib runs political cartoons, journalism, essays and memoir about what is going down in the world, all in comics form — the best medium.

The Comics take the form of cartoons, multipanel strips, long form reports, even animation and magazines. And then there are their archives, in association with the Billy Ireland, that lets us know what is happening today has gone on before.

above: Charis JB

Continuing on its own does present some difficulties, so…

Today we’re launching a fundraiser at The Nib to re-establish as much of the regular lineup as possible and pay for transition costs—mostly website design. To do that we’ve set up one-time donations and are selling some merch, like books, mugs, stickers and pins.

We’ve heard a lot from people wanting be able to give donations, so that was one of the first things I wanted to make happen.

There’s a lot of costs with getting this site back up and running and we no longer have any backing other than the funds in the bank that readers give us. We’re hoping that donations will cover all the transition costs so we can increase the amount of comics we are able to publish each week.



Presenting Truth to Power is a noble effort.

If you agree you might want to help –

Funds will go directly towards paying cartoonists and website design.