Brewed On Grant by Rob Rogers Returns/update

From the 2018 Departures listing:

by Rob Rogers
September 10, 1997 – May 23, 2018
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

I am happy to have to amend that entry.


Rob Rogers‘ local-to-Pittsburgh comic strip is returning via the Pittsburgh Current.

Since he was fired last year by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, editorial cartoonist Rob Rogers has consistently heard one question.

“When are you bringing back Brewed on Grant.”

Now, thanks to a new partnership between Rogers and the Pittsburgh Current, that question has a definitive answer — August 6.

After a year without it, Pittsburgh residents can look forward to it next week.

Brewed on Grant was Rogers’ iconic, local political cartoon that ran weekly since 1997. He used the strip as a vehicle to cover Pittsburgh’s issues and politics from a fictitious Grant Street Diner. The strip has been used to cover a wide range of local topics from the city’s “most-livable” status to the homeless problem, from the Stanley Cup playoffs to the ethical challenges of a young mayor, from the Pittsburgh Promise to the police beating of CAPA student Jordan Miles.


Rob sez:

“Brewed on Grant feels like home to me. It gives me the freedom to bounce between important local issues one week and less important quirky stories that make me laugh the next. It allows me to keep a critical eye on local politicians while also enjoying the collective practice of laughing at ourselves as a city. I love that in any given week, anybody or anything can wander into the diner. I have a lot of fun drawing it. I am very grateful to the Pittsburgh Current for giving me this opportunity to breathe new life into it.”

The Pittsburgh Current carries the joyful news.

Some confusion…
Though mentioned as a weekly strip, Pittsburgh Current is a two times a month publication.

The PC have also set up a Kickstarter account to help fund their support of cartoonists.

Rob and the rest can be enjoyed through the ISSUU version of the Pittsburgh Current.


by Rob Rogers
September 10, 1997 – May 23, 2018
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
August 6, 2019 –
Pittsburgh Current
bi-weekly (2x/month)


August 7 update:

Above the August 6, 2019 return of Brewed on Grant by Rob Rogers.

From the date’s issue of Pittsburgh Current. Available digitally online via ISSUU.