Comics You’d MOST Like to See Return

Earlier this year the Ruston Daily Leader switched out some of their comic strips.
Sounds like they had a few complaints.

A few months ago, we changed the comics (or “funnies”) package that runs in the printed Ruston Daily Leader each day. We’ve heard much feedback from the community…

So please take the time to check up to three (3) comics you’d MOST like to see return to the paper. Or just check “I like the current comics” or “It doesn’t matter to me” if that’s how you feel.

Don’t know what their line-up is or was, but it looks like they cut some expensive strips.

Hey, I do know what their line-up was – fifty years ago:

2 thoughts on “Comics You’d MOST Like to See Return

  1. That’s kind of sad, since legacy strips usually have lost whatever made them good in the first place, and choke out younger artists with newer strips. Peanuts is the only one of these I would enjoy reading, and that not a legacy strip, it’s reruns.

  2. Reruns are much worse IMO. Lining the pockets of millionaires and corporations who do nothing but collect the checks. At least the legacy strips are employing someone and putting out new comics.

    No way Charles Schultz would have allowed Peanuts to keep going after his death. This was purely a money grab/marketing move. How much is enough?

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