Garfield Up For Auction


Jim Davis, through Heritage Auctions, is offering up a bunch of 20th Century Garfield strips for bid
– it is being called The Jim Davis Collection.

The items are listed in auction #7211, which also includes a number of Charles Schulz Peanuts strips and the historically important tenth Prince Valiant Sunday page by Hal Foster (“Nowhere do I see happiness and contentment.”)

There is only five days left to bid on the Garfield strips.


I think it is important to note that Heritage Auctions is very good about NOT spamming.
In the years since I’ve signed up I don’t recall any unrequested emails.



Last month Jim Davis donated the Paws, Inc. headquarters to the Ball State University Foundation. The purpose was to auction the 43,000-square-foot (13,106-square-meter) main facility, a freestanding studio building, warehouse and maintenance buildings and a commercial greenhouse for the benefit of The Foundation. Bids started at $300,000. The property became superfluous as the staff was working from home these days.

No details on the sale yet.

[The] property is in escrow. Once escrow has been closed, the auction details will be made available upon request.