Clown World Cartoon Postcard Upsets Lawmakers

Several [Idaho] state lawmakers have received an anonymous postcard, which lampoons new Boise State University President Marlene Tromp and calls campus diversity and inclusion programs “clown world.” “Idaho taxpayer ticket price: $425,000 and sacrificial children,” the postcard reads, in an apparent reference to Tromp’s annual salary as president.

The Idaho Ed News elaborates on the opposing viewpoints:

The postcards are the latest chapter in a public debate — and an increasingly polarized debate — over programs geared to support students of color and LGBTQ students. The programs far predate Tromp’s three weeks at Boise State, but the debate has overshadowed her arrival as president of the state’s largest university.

The diversity debate has already divided lawmakers. Twenty-eight House Republicans have urged Tromp to disavow programs they call “divisive and inclusionary.” The Legislature’s 21 Democrats have urged Tromp to stay the course, maintaining a safe and welcoming campus for all students.

Below: The back of the postcard

Postmarked Spokane, Wash., the postcard is unsigned, listing only as its author. That site links to an organization called Infowars Army, which calls itself “a peaceful, lawful and legal citizen activism operation.”

Infowars Army describes itself as “united in patriotism and intellectualism, free from the treachery of superficial identity-based messaging, faux-liberalism, and fake news.”

North Idaho freelance illustrator and artist Daniel Brannan, created the postcard; on his Facebook page, he called it a “recent commissioned cartoon.” Brannan also is Kootenai County chair of the Constitution Party of Idaho, Betsy Russell of the Idaho Press reported Monday.


Idaho Governor Brad Little has responded:

“I am usually reluctant to acknowledge exclusionary, inflammatory displays of opinion. That said, the political cartoon depicted on the out-of-state postcard mailed to Idaho officials, along with the language on the postcard, is distasteful and belittles the volunteers and workers who dedicate their time to advancing opportunities for Idaho students. I do not condone the postcard, but free speech is a tenet of a democratic republic.”


As can be seen on his Facebook and Twitter pages Daniel Brannan is an illustrator and cartoonist with far right political and religious viewpoints.

I have only skimmed into the cartoonist’s history but, whether he likes it or not, he seems to have the backing of Stormfront (“White Pride World Wide”) members – I won’t be linking to that site.