Bob Mankoff: Cartoon Editor of the new Air Mail

A month after the staff of Esquire was let go, Bob Mankoff has bounced back as the cartoon editor of Air Mail, a new digital weekly magazine.

Welcome to the world of Air Mail—the perfect addition to your weekend reading. Every Saturday at 6:00 A.M. E.S.T., a new issue will arrive in your in-box. We like to think of it as the digital weekend edition of a nonexistent international daily newspaper.


above: David Borchart


A Message from Bob:

“Brand new cartoons every week”
Bob isn’t just recirculating Cartoon Collection archived cartoons, this is new stuff!

above: Charlie Hankin


Slate reviews the magazine and the (ahem) slate of executives and contributors to the new enterprise. All with resumes as impressive as Bob’s.


For Cartoon Collections subscribers Bob has more good news