The Arlo and Janis Summer Art Show and Sale

Jimmy Johnson is selling Arlo and Janis strip originals.

Original art is becoming a rare commodity these days.

As Jimmy explains:

Did you know that original comic art is an endangered artform? Many young cartoonists and a rapidly growing cadre of established cartoonists produce their work digitally. There is no ink or paper, only a file. Even I rely heavily upon a digital drawing tablet to make all corrections and sometimes upon a keyboard to fill in dialog with a font produced from my own lettering. Many resulting originals don’t look like something you’d want to frame and hang on your wall. However, the cartoons offered here definitely are “old school.” What you see is what you got in the newspaper.



One thought on “The Arlo and Janis Summer Art Show and Sale

  1. I’m probably one of the few webcomic creators who works traditionally with my comic (I do “roughs” digitally, but all inking is done on paper).

    Anyway, thanks for linking this. Just bought a strip from Jimmy. Love “Arlo and Janis”!

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