Love Letters and Hate Mail


Editors get letters about the Funny Pages.


Jason doesn’t like the best comic in the Deseret News:

I love the Sunday funnies. This week was especially funny. I look forward to getting them every week. My family sometimes fights over who gets to read them first. When I read them I always get a solid laugh out of them. My opinion is that the Sunday funnies are hilarious. The only thing I don’t like about them is Prince Valiant, but I like everything else. When I read them, I feel like I am in a daydream. My opinion will never change and I hope the Sunday funnies don’t either.



‘Over the Hedge’ is over the edge

Over the Hedge” has gone from unfunny/incomprehensible to disgusting. Can’t you find a better comic strip?


Some Comic Strips Not Funny

I don’t know who is responsible for the comic strip selections in the Times-News but I would love for that person(s) to explain what is supposed to be so funny about “Phoebe and her Unicorn,” “Pearls Before Swine,” and “Pooch Café.” I’ll bet your other readers/subscribers do not find them humorous either. Don’t you have any other choices?



“my favorite comic strip”

So, on a recent visit to Southern California, I was reading the L.A. Times and when I got to the comic section, what to my wondering eyes did appear, lo and behold it was NON SEQUITUR. Wait, what!

In that bastion of left wing political correctness was my favorite comic strip. I was overjoyed and savored the moment, knowing that upon my return to Tucson, I would once again have to be deprived of wit and humor…

An Editor’s Letter to the Readers

Wiley Miller, the artist behind “Non Sequitur,” had a lot of fans who were subscribers to The Billings Gazette. Since canning him, I have received at least a dozen letters or phone calls — not overwhelming but significant — asking for his reinstatement.

There are many justifications for bringing Miller back, from there’s no other comic quite as funny, to folks who believe I am being too heavy handed for condemning an artist who is just saying what others think.

It’s also interesting that I have unintentionally created the most dedicated group of comics readers The Gazette has ever had. This group pores over the comics looking for any material that rises to the obscenity-laced tirade that Miller passed off.

They send me examples of things they think are suggestive, sexual, crude, off-color, vulgar, not-family-friendly, disrespectful and political.



High Lights of History

Heroes of American History

A Comic Strip Cliff Notes to American History Needed

Looking at game shows and man-on-the-street TV programs, it is painfully apparent that the citizens of the USA do not know their own history. This is clearly a problem with the educational system and the way American history is presented to the students. This is a problem that needs to be addressed…

One idea would be to run a well-drawn and researched comic strip, or media cartoon, to tell the story of America. It should be an honest picture of our past that would show both heroes and villains done in an entertaining way. It would be a “Cliff’s Notes” introduction to the story that is America. It should run in the press for one year — to cover from the first landing of Europeans to the present age.