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John Hart Studios ‘Pre-Launches’ Indiegogo Project for B.C. Feature Film

The fine folks at John Hart Studios have announced the “pre-launch” of an Indiegogo project for a B.C. feature film.

From the Indiegogo site:

Feature animators, illustrators, and storytellers from Academy-Award winning films are joining forces to lovingly bring America’s National Treasure, Johnny Hart’s B.C. comic strip, to the big screen! We’ve got an iconic American comic strip ensemble, an amazing team – all we need is YOU!

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Community Comments

#1 Darryl Heine
@ 3:32 pm

Will it be by the same animation studio that did The Peanuts Movie in 2015?

#2 ed st
@ 9:28 pm

Are they looking for funding for a fully animated film? That would be a hefty goal.

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