She Wrote Me a Letter, Said…

More letters to editors ’bout comics and cartoons.


God is just. KAL is not.

KAL has sunk to a new low with his Sunday cartoon. Not only does he continually disrespect President Donald Trump, but now he disrespects Almighty God himself.

Diane of Freeland accuses KAL of blasphemy.



100% off base

Prejudging the president’s Fourth speech leads to a cartoon that is 100% off base from the reality of yesterday.

John Cole swung early and missed says William of Arlington.



this is downright offensive

I cannot believe that a cartoonist would submit an image for publication clearly depicting the middle finger and I am more stunned that this newspaper would publish it.

Marilynn of Reistertown is not happy with the offensive image provided by Chuck Legge.



The cartoon fundamentally misunderstands

Bullying involves a power imbalance wherein the bully seeks to harm, intimidate or control someone more vulnerable. Here, the School Board holds power over the youth of color who are coming together through Freedom Inc. to call for racial justice.

Phil Hands doesn’t understand bullying according to Tova of Madison.



Bring back 9 Chickweed Lane

I’ve always liked The DNs comics. So, just what initiated my interest?
It was 9 Chickweed Lane … Why was Chickweed alluring? I’d rather not say.

Dan from Pullman, for reasons of his own, would like the return of 9 Chickweed Lane.



This is simply untrue.

To set the record straight: Undocumented immigrants cannot vote, documented residents with legal permanent residencies cannot vote. Only United States citizens can vote legally in the United States.

Joseph of IASC in New London disagrees with Mike Lester.



comic strip tasteless and potentially harmful

As a retired teacher, I do not find these situations funny. Teachers have difficulty commanding basic respect today, and the subject matter of “Big Nate” is insipid and inappropriate.

Jocelyn of Oceanside finds nothing funny about Big Nate.



cartoonists should think twice

It called to mind the massacre at Babi Yar in the autumn of 1941 when the Nazis killed thousands of Jews. The Germans shot and then buried them in a huge pit. These cartoonists should think twice about the connotations of what they portray.

The Sunday Wumo does not amuse Jean of Chevy Chase.



Kudos to the cartoonist

It summed up the reality of the situation beautifully.

Richard of Thermopolis appreciates the cartoon of Bas van der Schot.



body-shaming at its worst

A much more worthy cartoon

Al of Pickerington praises Dana Summers, Stuart Carlson not so much.



3 thoughts on “She Wrote Me a Letter, Said…

  1. Seattle, Baltimore, San Francisco and others allow illegal aliens to vote in local elections. Seattle even has a city councilwoman who is undocumented.

    Thirteen states and D.C. currently give drivers licenses to illegal aliens. Here’s one of two stories on which I based the cartoon:

    No, illegal immigrants aren’t allowed to directly vote in the Presidential election yet but I didn’t specify which elections. I just said “polls” but it’s fair to assume I meant the big one.

    However in vast numbers they can dramatically alter the Electoral College to favor Democrats for at least a decade because a state’s electoral votes are based on the number of people residing within that state, not the number of citizens present when the census is taken.

    Pretty sure that makes the cartoon true. -ML

  2. Add this one from a former photographer for the Journal Times:
    “I am hard-pressed to think of a more sexist editorial cartoon than the unsigned one you ran Sunday, June 30, showing a high heel woman’s shoe stuck in the head of a poor likeness of Joe Biden with the caption ‘I was attacked by Kamala Harris.'”

    I think the cartoon was by Jerry Holbert.

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