The Nib & First Look Media Part Ways – Go Inkwell!


A message from Matt Bors about The Nib:

I have some important news about the future of The Nib and I wanted you to know first.

After three and a half years, First Look Media has decided to no longer fund The Nib at the end of July and me and my team will be let go as part of a broader shift at the company.

They are, however, working to hand the publication over to me so that I can continue The Nib. This will be a major setback but I will be devoting all my time to continuing this publication with contributions from all the editors and cartoonists who have made this publication what it is…


Your support over this last year has allowed us to publish hundreds of comics and create four magazines that we are really proud of. Now your direct support is more crucial than ever; our only funds going forward will be those our members have pledged each month to support us…


I founded this publication almost six years ago to highlight political and non-fiction comics in a media environment that doesn’t support them.

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