Flash Gordon Now Planned as Animated Movie


Among the properties Disney gained when it bought the film and TV assets of 21st Century Fox earlier this year was the rights to Flash Gordon.

In development for years, without movement, as a live-action movie it has now been turned over to Taika Waititi and is planned as an animated film.

Mike Fleming, Jr. for Deadline reports:

I had heard that the inventive filmmaker Waititi was signing on to write and direct, but his camp indicates it’s too early to gauge exactly what his role would be.

Chris Arrant at Newsarama also has some background:

“I think Flash Gordon is one of the biggest…You know, the tone and the colors, definitely the colors sort of how bright and in your face that film is. The soundtrack as well, sort of got similar feels to it,” Waititi told ScreenRant in 2017.”That film was actually the only film I ended up showing the H.O.D.s before we started shooting.”

Flash Gordon first debuted in Sunday newspaper comics sections in 1934 with Alex Raymond as artist. Flash Gordon, as a comic strip, stopped new stories in 2003. King Features continues syndicating the last Jim Keefe produced Sunday episodes around the world.



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  1. Was there 2 Flash Gordon movie serials with Buster Crabbe and even a 1980 Flash Gordon live action movie as well?

  2. Actually, there were three FLASH GORDON serials with Buster Crabbe: Flash Gordon (1936), Flash Gordon’s Trip to Mars (1938) & Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe (1940)

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