Cartoonist Andy Marlette vs. State Rep. Mike Hill


Mike Hill is the Florida State Representative for the Pensacola area.
Andy Marlette is the editorial cartoonist and columnist for the Pensacola News Journal.
So, as one would suspect, they butt heads on occasion.


Their latest started with Rep. Hill, a Godly man, speaking of banning abortion because life is sacred.

News Journal Publisher Rick Outzen reports what happened next:

Then, Inweekly reported what else Hill said and released audio that revealed Hill and others laughing about legislation that would make homosexuality a crime punishable by death. Following our report, Marlette criticized the group for giggling at the notion.

Hill refused to talk with Inweekly or PNJ reporters to clarify his actions. Instead, he took to talk radio to spin the issue and attack Marlette, calling the PNJ cartoonist’s May 31 column a “slanderous hit piece.”

“This Pensacola News Journal guy is trying to make it out that I laughed at (it), and he said I want to kill gays,” said Hill on the radio.

In his column, Marlette never wrote that Hill wanted to “kill gays” but did rebuke Hill and the WRL audience for giggling about the “mere possibility” of such legislation.

The May 31 Andy Marlette column that got under Rep. Hill’s skin.

The reality of Mike Hill is that he is a failed legislator. All of his bills failed in the 2019 session. He has delivered nothing to his home district. Our community is neither safer or wealthier because of his work in public office.

And it sure as heck isn’t more Christian.

Where is our moral line, Pensacola? When do we reject politicians who misinterpret the Bible in order to muse about murder? Is that really some lofty standard?


As Outzen reports Rep. Hill started denying and outsourcing blame.
Causing Andy to double down in words and pictures.


Rep. Hill, an Always-Trumper, took a page out of the President’s book:


Of course, Andy Marlette called Hill on rejecting the idea of manning up:

For practitioners of the “culture of victimhood,” all problems, either real or perceived, are never your own fault. As El Rushbo alleges, victimhood is the go-to philosophy of a wide assortment of life’s losers, ne’er-do-wells, millennials and of course, leftists.

And also apparently, Pensacola state Rep. Mike Hill.

Behold! The phony martyrdom of Saint Snowflake and the tiny, whiny cult of victimhood worshiping at the altar of . Sad!


And that’s where it stands at the moment.

A man whose job continuity relies on appealing to the lowest common denominator,
going against a guy whose livelihood rests on his creativity. Why do they do that?