The Oatmeal, Mad Racoons, A Problem Like Jamal – A Webcomics Post!


Matthew Inman is suspending The Oatmeal production for the nonce

Matthew lets fans know of the coming hiatus and why (scroll to the bottom):

I am happy to announce that I am in development on my own animated feature for Illumination.
In short: I got a movie deal.

The good news: I’m making a movie and it’s going to be very funny.

The bad news: these things take years to make and it is an all-consuming task. This means I will no longer be working on The Oatmeal full time.

I am not going to disappear, but I’m going to be publishing fewer comics. If you see a new comic from me, think of it as a delightful blessing — like finding an old M&M in your couch. This is partially why I published my new book. I figured I’d be gone for awhile, so I might as well leave you with a collection of new comics to read.

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Cathy Hill’s Mad Racoons Return in Another Adventure

Hold on to your seats Folks! More spectacular, funny and heart-warming (not to mention timely) than Galaxy’s Edge! It’s Cathy Hill’s Mad Raccoons in “Racketty-Ann and The Lost World” stealing their way in to the old Catblog in our next post!

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A Problem Like Jamaal Ends, Crabgrass Begins

After a year of A Problem Like Jamal Tauhid Bondia is moving on to Crabgrass.