John Latham – RIP


Editorial cartoonist and illustrator John Latham has passed away.

John David Gavin Latham
May(?), 1959 – May 25, 2019


John was a political cartoonist for the Stratford (Ontario) Beacon Herald during the 1980s.

From the Beacon Herald notice:

For a period of time in the ‘80s, long before the advent of social media and residents’ ability to regularly comment publicly on the daily goings-on in Stratford, John Latham’s political cartoons in the Stratford Beacon Herald were a source of both humour and controversy.



John was an incredible artist. He illustrated two of my books, and did all sorts of little bits of art for me over the years. He was so versatile with his craft. Cartoons were his speciality, and I sure know that if he had gone down that road and stuck to his guns, he would have been the next Garry Trudeau, Gary Larsen or Bill Watterson. He was as good as, or even better, I think!

John did the political cartoons in the Stratford Beacon Herald Newspaper for a while in the 1980s and I was so proud of him for actually getting his work published for the world to see. I saved quite a few of his creations over the years and still smile as I remember the many letters to the editors some of his cartoons elicited.

John’s sister remembers.