Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter

Some recent letters to editors about comic strips and editorial cartoons.


Sometimes it takes the simplicity and purity of a newspaper comic strip to bring tears to your eyes…

Brian Basset, creator of Red and Rover, hit the sentiment of Memorial Day out of the ball park.

Sue in Idaho thanks Brian and to the soldiers that gave their lives.


It saddens me to see that only one syndicated comic strip out of 20, “Red and Rover,” in the Memorial Day newspaper acknowledged the reason for this holiday…Thanks to Brian Basset for his respectful comic strip.

In South Carolina Charlene also appreciates Brian’s tribute.



I was appalled when I saw the May 26 cartoon by Pat Bagley. The outright disrespect to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice to make a political statement was unconscionable.

Bob in Utah wasn’t happy with Pat’s Memorial Day cartoon.



The editorial cartoon by Dana Summers in the May 11 Dispatch erroneously showed families running from “socialist countries” to get to the U.S. It’s true that thousands of families from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador are seeking asylum at the southern border, but they are not from socialist countries. Those are countries with extreme poverty and violence.

In Ohio Raquel objects to Floridian Dana’s cartoon.



Michel Ramirez’s cartoons are a super addition to the Review-Journal’s editorial page. No person or entity is sacred — which is the best part — and there have been many great cartoons. But Friday’s on the release of the American Taliban was one of the very best. Perhaps good enough for the front page.

Jack in Nevada is a fan of Michael.



…today’s (May 7) Bizarro cartoon, which I’ve enclosed, went far beyond the pale in offensiveness. Daring to make light of the heinous crimes of a serial killer is simply not acceptable in any venue. I really think it calls for an apology.

In Vermont Kathleen is NOT a Wayno fan.



The political cartoon you chose to run in your paper May 13 featuring congressional Democrats pledging to impeach Trump makes it impossible for me to continue to support your paper.


I don’t disagree with Maureen…that Gary Varvel’s May 13 political cartoon was a piece of junk.

In Massachusetts Maureen and Bob take exception to Gary’s view.






3 thoughts on “Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter

  1. You say “Michel Ramirez’s cartoons are a super addition to the Review-Journal” because “no person or entity is sacred — which is the best part.” Then you say you’re “appalled” Pat Bagley’s “outright disrespect” for fallen soldiers. These seem like contradictory statements.

    As the son and grandson of men who served in the Armed Forces, I see nothing disrespectful about Bagley’s cartoon.

  2. Jimmy P – you do realize that those comments are from different people, right? “Jack in Nevada” liked the Ramirez panel, while “Bob in Utah” chimed in about Bagley’s. D.D. is just passing along the comments.

  3. Am I to assume that Bob in Utah is just fine with politicians throwing the lives of soldiers away for grift and political gain, but objects to someone pointing it out? An odd way to honor their sacrifice.

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