Mike Harris: Social Media-Suspended Cartoonist


Mike Harris has been suspended by a social media platform for an editorial cartoon.


From American Thinker:

Our very frequent cartoon contributor Mike Harris was just suspended for 3 days on Twitter for posting there his cartoon making the point that mass extermination of human life is common to both the aboriton[sic] industry and the Nazis. We published the cartoon here on May 17th.


My use of the term “social media” is because of confusion.
While American Thinker claims Twitter as the offender, the screen grabs show Facebook.






2 thoughts on “Mike Harris: Social Media-Suspended Cartoonist

  1. Social media isn’t public space, and most of the people who agree with the American Thnker’s politics are against the whole concept of public space.

    Coincidentally, I read an article in the Jewish Sentinel just yesterday attacking this practice: “Pro-lifers: Stop Appropriating the Shoah.”

    And when you think about it, comparing the Jews who were killed in concentration camps to embryos and claiming equivalence between Jews and embryos is horribly offensive.

    And also claiming that everyone who has had an abortion – 1 out of 4 women – is like someone who roasts Jews in ovens. That’s a disgusting comparison.

  2. Agree with Ignatz.

    This was probably done due to the subject matter alone; it is unlikely that anyone at FB made a deep analysis of the work. In three days, Harris will once again be free to post his poorly thought-out ideas for free on the Internet.

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