Comics Kingdom – The Fix Is In


It seems Comics Kingdom has ironed out a few kinks in their Sunday page.



Today most (all?) Sunday strips that have half-page formats are in half-page formats.



And if you right click then “view image” the strip will fill your screen vertically;
click on the image again and it fills the screen horizontally.

It took awhile but Comics Kingdom has it right for Sunday strips.

Well, mostly.

I have long enjoyed Bob Weber’s Moose and Molly – the love, the art, the chicken fat.
So Comics Kingdom hasn’t completely satisfied my Sunday sweet tooth.


Above is today’s (May 26) Moose Sunday strip as seen on Comics Kingdom,
that is only two-thirds of the strip – cutting the opening panel (two panels in this case).
I had to go to the Seattle PI comics site to read all of Bob Weber’s Sunday strip:

So there is still some tweeking to be done.
But they’re getting there.


One more item of interest (to me anyway).

For quite some time Comics Kingdom posted Prince Valiant as a full tabloid page. With the new and improved site the third page Valiant strip (with the title panel) was briefly put up. The past couple of weeks saw a return to the tabloid version, but without the logo and credits. Today saw a new format:

Like the rest of the King Features strips it came as a half page today, with logo and credits.
Not used to seeing it in the half page configuration, but…I like it.


Also noted and appreciated on the Comics Kingdom opening page is that the
“A – Z” drop down menu has doubled the size of the font used to list the comics.







3 thoughts on “Comics Kingdom – The Fix Is In

  1. This is indeed a welcome move back towards the functionality they used to have.

    Of course, if you click on their zoom icon it’ll display the new Sunday strips as one long row of panels (without the throwaway panels), and if you click on the “last 7 days” option to catch up nothing will happen since for some reason that feature was removed as apparently not important, or most likely forgotten in their design.

  2. I loved the “last 7 days” option of the old design. It was fantastic for continuity strips. As of 10:30am May 27th the Comics Kingdom site still hasn’t posted strips for Monday yet – still has up the Sunday strips from yesterday. I guess they took Memorial Day off.

  3. The right click thing does not work for me, because I have a Mac. Supposedly, Control-click is supposed to simulate a right click, but it does not in this case. If I click on the strip, it puts up the strip in a horizontal line, but mousing around controls both the magnification and scrolling, and I find it impossible to scroll without changing the magnification.

    They still have the brain-dead date selection, which requires selecting three different controls, rather than the calendar display that they had before, where you could just select the date with a single click (for the current month). They still haven’t reinstalled the arrow keys that allowed you to advance a single day at a time for all of your favorites.

    I don’t know what they thought they were going for, but I have not seen a single thing that I think is an improvement, and they have been struggling just to get back to the functionality they destroyed with their “upgrade”.

    This is a bigger fiasco that New Coke, or would be if King Features was a large company. The stupidity and arrogance of changing something that did not need to be changed with apparently no beta testing or no idea of what the design was supposed to be or the purpose is simply mind-boggling.

    They have extended my subscription by a month while trying to fix things, but there is no way that I will renew my subscription as long as things suck this badly.

    Yes, I am P.O.’d.

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