Teenager Returns as Comic Strip Creator


Last summer 15-year-old Hunter Wooldridge began his life as a newspaper comic strip creator.
Now Hunter returns with a new comic strip for the Frankfort State Journal.

For the past school year, Frankfort High sophomore Hunter Wooldridge has been carefully plotting storylines, sketching characters and honing his craft for Thursday’s return to The State Journal comics page.

Hunter, who last year brought readers “The Aviator” has drawn up a new anthology strip, “Oddities,” that will publish on the comics page on Thursdays, Fridays and the weekend.

“Oddities” starts with a cosmic energy of unknown origins or effects coming into contact with the earth.


by Hunter Wooldridge
May 23, 2019 –
3Xweek (Thursday, Friday, weekend)
Frankfort (Kent.) State Journal


Further details at The State Journal.