New York Times Deletes Offensive Image – update


The New York Times International published a political cartoon that many are claiming is anti-Semitic.

The cartoon itself was drawn by political cartoonist António Moreira Antunes of the Lisbon, Portugal-based newspaper Expresso.

The New York Times admitted the image was offensive and pulled it from its syndication service,
but did not quite apologize for running it:


A number of people, organizations, news services, and pundits are criticizing the N.Y.Times.

Some explained why they thought it was anti-Semitic.

Anshel Pfeffer tweeted: ‘The NY Times cartoon of Netanyahu as guide-dog for blind Trump would also have been a harsh but fair depiction of their relationship. ‘But the moment Trump has a kippah and Netanyahu a Star of David, it veered sharply in to antisemitic territory’

Seth Frantzman tweeted: ‘The NYT #antisemitic cartoon numerous clear antisemitic elements ‘1. Putting a yarmulke on the US President in negative way…2. Putting the face of the PM of the Jewish state on a dog…3. Using a Star of David on the collar…4. Implying the US is “blindly” led by Jews and/or Israel.’

The Daily Mail carries the above quotes and others in an article headlined: Don Jr slams ‘disgusting’ anti-Semetic cartoon in The New York Times showing blind Trump with a skullcap being led by ‘guide dog’ Netanyahu – as paper admits ‘offensive error of judgement’

The Times of Israel is also reporting:

Anti-Defamation League chief Jonathan Greenblatt excoriated The New York Times over the weekend for publishing a cartoon that depicted anti-Semitic tropes. “I thought the cartoon was disgusting”…“I thought it was despicable.”

“I wouldn’t even credit it as a cartoon,” Greenblatt said. “It was anti-Semitic propaganda of the most vile sort. Not only does it not belong in The New York Times, but it in any credible news outlet. It was unconscionable.”

Political sites are having a field day with the N.Y.Times action.

On the opposite side is Robert Silverstein:

The cartoon is a highly effective attack on both political figures and, like all good graphic art, examines the hypocrisy and moral bankruptcy at the heart of its subjects’ world-view. Trump’s blindness in the cartoon is a comment on the president’s obliviousness to the history of the Middle East and U.S. policy in the region. It also reflects his blindness to the plight and very existence of the Palestinian people. The yarmulke placed on his head links him to the Orthodox far-right settlers whose views he espouses. Remember also that his closest advisors, Kushner, Greenblatt and Friedman are themselves Orthodox pro-settler fanatics who have richly donated to the movement.


This comes as another synagogue has experienced an act of hate.


April 28 UPDATE:

The New York Times has issued an apology for printing the cartoon:

The statement can be read on their twitter account,
along with a host of too-little-too-late snarky commenters
refusing to accept the apology; and a few taking it at face value.



April 30 UPDATE:

Expresso of Portugal, where the offending cartoon first appeared in print,
has issued a declaration of its views regarding the cartoon:

5. To members of the Jewish community and those who may have felt offended and in the face of the controversy generated, Expresso clarifies that it was never intended to portray Israel or the Jewish religion and its believers in a less dignified manner.

Bado carries more of the reasoning.





6 thoughts on “New York Times Deletes Offensive Image – update

  1. This is the sort of thing where I don’t think “error of judgment” is enough. I want to know exactly what they were thinking when they decided to run this, and what the hell their policy is. I absolutely hate Donald Trump, and I don’t like Netanyahu either, but this is just disgusting. Looks like something I’d expect to see in the 1930s.

  2. Does anyone know who the cartoonist on this was? Nobody is identifying him or her in any of the multitude of articles that have sprung up about this vile cartoon.

  3. What a load of dog crap. I don’t see anything Anti-Semitic about this. Someone said a dachshund is a german dog so it should be a considered a nazi reference? What a ridiculous stretch. Wouldn’t they use a GERMAN Shepherd if that was the intended meaning? The Star of David is also the symbol on the Israeli flag, so the appearance of Star of David is not a comment on his religion but his country. Politicians have been anthropomorphized for years, but suddenly this is too far? Thought police. Right-Wing feigned outrage. Where is the comment on religion? The yarmulke on Trump’s head? If anything it’s a comment on Trump and his bowing to Israel. Israel and Netanyahu are as open to criticism and lampooning as anyone. This is just an attempt to quell a voice they don’t like by masking it in ant-Semitism. And people are buying it.

  4. Using the Jewish star in a cartoon is problematic, although it is convenient cartoon shorthand for Israel. Yes, the star is featured on the flag of Israel and is symbolic of that country. But also, Jewish stars were featured elsewhere too, in different historical contexts, such as the Nazis forcing Jews to wear armbands emblazoned with the Jewish star, which identified them in the ghettos as targeted for death. The Jewish star represents far more than Israel.

  5. New York times ownership, is at another anti JUDAISM Rant. The ilk, of journalists have a distain and a bias , against GODLY ReligIons,,Both JUDAISM, and Jewish created CHRISTIANITY .

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