Olivia’s Nancy Seen Through the Funny Filter


Lynley Stace takes “a closer look at why the new Nancy cartoons by the pseudonymous Olivia Jaimes work so well for so many. In short, why are these minimalist snapshots funny?”

Scott Dikkers, cartoonist and founding editor of The Onion, all jokes fall into one of eleven categories.

1. Irony – Intended meaning is opposite of literal meaning

Is Nancy ironic? I believe it’s hipster ironic, always aware of irony itself.

Lynley reviews at Olivia Jaimes’ Nancy through those devices.




Scott Dikkers spoke to students in Doty Recital Hall about both his personal journey as a cartoonist and editor, and the growth of The Onion from a small college newspaper to a multimedia empire.

After many attempts to get his cartoons published were met with rejection letters, one of Dikkers’s cartoons was finally printed in a local college newspaper in Madison, Wis. The comic strip, called Jim’s Journal, was run on a trial basis.

“The amazing thing is, people liked it. They would cut it out and hang it on dorm room doors and professors’ office doors,” Dikkers said.  “And so, the paper decided they were going to run it daily, and they were going to pay me five dollars a week. I had made it! I was a comedy professional!”