Tales From The Reuben: Mell Lazarus Joins NCS


In 1957 Mell Lazarus got his Miss Peach comic strip into newspapers.
The next year Mell joined the National Cartoonists Society.

Yearly dues in January 1958 were $35, yearly dues now, in 2019, are $225.
(The inflation calculator puts that 1958 $35 at $307.86 in today’s dollars.)

You can join the NCS for less than Mell did in 1958, if you are under the age of 28.


Fourteen years later, in 1982, Mell would be rewarded with the Reuben Award for 1981 work.


The much-loved Mell Lazarus passed away in 2016.

The NCS membership bill from the By Mell Lazarus Facebook page.


The 2019 Reuben Awards Dinner will be held on Memorial Day Weekend May 18.