Eli Valley: Self-Hating Jewish Cartoonist?


Eli Valley is a Jewish political cartoonist based in New York City. He doesn’t shy away from controversy; in fact, he makes a living off it.

Valley has a particular knack for creating dark and disturbing satirical drawings of public figures who claim to fight anti-semitism, but in his opinion, do the opposite.

Vice News has a nine minute video segment on Eli Valley,
whose career path took a detour from the planned route.

“Eventually, I actually wanted to move beyond politics and start doing more maybe memoir-type stuff,” Valley told VICE News. “But then Trump came along.”

These days he has found himself attacked for not toeing the pc line of either side.

“My comics are not intended to try to convince the other side,” Valley told VICE News. “What my comics are trying to do is galvanize our side and to and to remind our side that we are not we are not the evil ones,” he said.

“And also to, you know, say ‘fuck you’ to the other side.”

This segment originally aired April 17, 2019, on VICE News Tonight on HBO.