Sunday Funnies – Not Many Easter Eggs


Gasoline Alley

Of course there were (more than) a few Sunday strips about Easter today, but not many impressed me.
Jim Scancarelli‘s holiday panels are always a treat for me and today’s brought Walt Kelly to mind:



Six Chix

Confirmation of supposition.
When Maritsa Patrinos was introduced as a new contributor to Six Chix,
the speculation was that Maritsa’s first Sunday would be April 21, 2019.
Today that assumption is confirmed.



Prince Valiant

Another update is to the Prince Valiant title panels post.
New Thomas Yeates title panel debuts today.



Adam @ Home

Today’s strip brought to mind Rob Harrell‘s Monster on the Hill book of, geez, six years ago.




Hey, it’s an Easter strip!
I like everything about Jef Mallett‘s Sunday strip – from Caulfield’s explanation of why Passover/Easter moves around the calendar, to the Space framing the panels, to Frazz’s pun at the end.



Non Sequitur

Given the story and the art, I want Wiley Miller to continue The Tales of Genji and Nebbish.



DIck Tracy

Speaking of story and art…
I think today’s Sunday Dick Tracy by Mike Curtis and Joe Staton is
an exceptional placeholding page between the Saturday and Monday comic strips.



Hi and Lois

It looks like Eric Reaves snuck Lori and himself into the Easter Service strip.



Zippy the Pinhead

Bill Griffith gets another year of copyright-free Pop Culture references.



Ripley’s Believe It or Not

Did John Graziano plan the layout with the man’s and car’s exhaust pipes abutting each other?



PC and Pixel

I’m a big fan of Tak Bui‘s street scenes (and his comic art style, too).



Back where we started…with some Walt Kelly-related Easter art.

By Larry Doyle and Neal Sternecky from 1989.