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The Kliban Exclusion

The above cartoon ran as shown on GoComics, eliciting howls of censorship. But the edited image was the one GoComics received from the Kliban estate. Then the Kliban people corrected the false impression many readers imagined:

Its a great cartoon so the dilemma was wanting to post it but knowing the guidelines GoComics has. I chose to post the edited cartoon as opposed to never posting it at all. I also wanted to make sure people knew that it was edited from the original too. Sorry it bothered you to do this.

My understanding is that due to agreements with advertisers nudity is mostly forbidden on GoComics. (I think I could get away with a bit here, I’d have to reread the contract.) But I thought it was decent of the syndicate to silently take the hits until the people owned up. It is not the first time I have seen this and the other syndicates keeping quiet while being blamed for circumstances others created.



A Day Late and A Dilbert Short

Yesterday, April 16, 2019, was the 30th anniversary of Scott Adams’ Dilbert comic strip.
Above is the first Dilbert from April 16, 1989. Hat tip to Tom Heintjes for the image.



A Comic, A Cartoonist, A Collaboration

The Steve MartinHarry Bliss collaboration not only continues on the funny pages, it is now expanding to New Yorker cartoons and soon to the ”ultimate cartoon publication.”

So far, the New Yorker has bought three cartoons with the Bliss-Martin byline, Bliss says. But the duo has created “35 or 40” for the syndicate.

And the Bliss-Martin collaboration will add another to his list. After the two discussed the idea of a cartoon compilation, “not a week went by and we had a book deal!” Bliss exclaims. Celadon Books announced Martin’s forthcoming cartoon collection with Bliss on Monday.

Harry’s local paper, Seven Days, discusses the new comedy team, and other Blissful projects, with the cartoonist.

Bliss notes that drawing cartoons is not a profitable enterprise — he derives most of his income from illustrating books.



Weinstein Wins Award

Slate has announced the winner of their Cartoonist Studio Prize.
Lauren Weinstein won Best Web Comic for her
“Being an Artist and a Mother” which appeared at


The rest of this year’s shortlist:

“As Before, So Behind” by Ted Closson.
Comics by Tara Booth.
The Girl Who Flew Away by M. Dean.
“Having a Role in Life” by Elísabet Rún, translated by Unnur Bjarnadóttir.
Nancy by Olivia Jaimes.
“Sylvia Plath’s Last Plan” by Summer Pierre.
This Modern World by Tom Tomorrow.
Three Comics by E.A. Bethea.
“A Trip to the Museum With Cartoonist John Porcellino” by Gabrielle Bell.



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