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Earlier this week was a wonderful interview with cartoonist Jim Keefe talking about his Flash Gordon and Sally Forth comic strips, and the transition from adventure to humor. Also his admiration for John Romita, Al Williamsom, Joe Kubert, and others who preceded him in the field.
It is obvious that Jim enjoys comics.

About 40 enjoyable minutes at the Cosmic Gepetto Podcast (Episode 156).

Jim is holding onto the hope that, with a movie in the works, new Flash Gordon comics may appear.



Speaking of Craig MacIntosh, as Jim Keefe does of his predecessor on Sally Forth…

Next week, in a Meet the Author setting, Craig MacIntosh will talk about his two latest books,
“Til Kingdom Cay” and the next in his continuing Wolf series, “Wolf’s Odyssey.”

Craig hasn’t completely forsaken his drawing talents. From last year:




“veteran staffers couldn’t recall a situation that raised such ire”

The Watertown Daily Times has still not got over the angry response when they dropped Pickles.

On March 31, because of an availability issue involving a syndicate, this paper stopped running “Pickles” and replaced it with “Nancy.” The editorial staff fielded several calls and letters on the issue and veteran staffers couldn’t recall a situation that raised such ire.

When another syndicate was found and “Pickles” returned to these pages on April 5 (front page news), some people who called the Times were in tears of gratitude.

“Never before have I seen a paper announce the return with a big front-page story like you did,” Mr. Crane said in a phone interview Tuesday from his home near Reno, Nev.

The Daily Times follows up with a profile and interview with creator Brian Crane.

[I’m still not understanding the one-syndicate-unavailability-so-another-syndicate-stepped-in scenario.]




Too Late on this – there was a Chris Monroe art show Friday and Saturday (April 12 & 13).

Last year Chris stopped creating her Violet Days comic strip after 22 years.



“New” Richard Thompson Art from 2005

Mike Rhode reports

From Richard’s old friend Brian Nicklas:

“I found a scan of the original art Richard did for me for my talk on the History of Aviation and Photography.”

So here we have the Cronk brothers, Murray and Oog – on the first wheel – as depicted by the much loved “R.T.”




I am writing about the Close to Home cartoon in Tuesday’s Herald News. It depicts a currently awarded Eagle Scout on a TV biting a fish…

For a young man to put the time and energy to achieve the Eagle Scout ranking, while balancing high school, a part-time job and other personal responsibilities, says a lot about a person’s determination and drive.

To have a cartoon showing this disgusting image is demeaning to all those past, present and future Eagle Scouts.

A reader is not happy with John McPherson’s Close to Home.




Mysterious Twitter announcement from a syndicate editor.
I hope it’s about comics.




More podcasts from Blockhead.
Part Two of the Will Henry interview
Part One of the Steve Conley interview.




Twenty years ago Jack Uzcategui wanted to be a comic strip creator.

In the late 1990’s, fresh from having lived a year in the US learning, I decided I wanted to become a comic strip artist. There I discovered classics like Calvin and Hobbes, and Peanuts in their original language.

I thought it would be easy.

Learning From Failure—What Trying to Make a Comic Strip Taught Me




Milton Caniff’s Terry and the Pirates by Tom Grindberg – via Dirty River





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