Gahan Wilson – Status Update

Gahan Wilson was interviewed last month.

As stepson Paul Winters said then:

Gahan was interviewed today for a newspaper piece that will probably go out nationwide. The people on the reporting team were very sweet and sensitive to Gahan.

Gahan was on his game…speaking about his life and other things.


The Arizona Republic story was posted on the internet today.

Gahan finished his drawing, a muscle-bound mouse with duck feet.

“Very nice, Gahan,” Paul said. Gahan signed it with a shaky hand.

He looked up and out the window.

“What a super-duper view,” Gahan said. “I haven’t seen that before.”

He has seen it before. He is here often. But on this day, it is new to Gahan. Not only the view but other things, too.

Gahan has dementia. In March, his wife of 53 years, Nancy Winters, died.

“She was his guide through the world,” Paul said. Nancy was an author. They had been living in an assisted living facility. Gahan couldn’t stay on his own.

The Arizona Republic piece includes a two-minute video with maybe 30 seconds of Gahan talking.
It seems to be a good day for Gahan, or maybe it was a good few minutes.
There is also a photo slideshow of Gahan and some drawings accompanying the article.

By the way, the video shows I have been pronouncing “Gahan” wrong my entire life.

If you have enjoyed Gahan’s art and cartoons during the past 50 years,
please consider donating a few dollars to his care fund.
Paul Winters also keeps us aware of Gahan’s activities on the fund page with regular updates.