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New Comics Coming to the Goldsboro News-Argus

Come Sunday, you will see a change in our comics lineup. We will say goodbye to some favorite strips and hello to some new friends. The new friends include some classic comics as well as some others you may not yet have heard of but will quickly get to know.

The new comics will include: Baby Blues, Bizarro, Curtis, Dustin, Fort Knox, Funky Winkerbean, Hi & Lois, Lockhorns, Pickles, Slylock Fox & Comics for Kids, Zits.

Starting Monday, new strips will be available for readers to enjoy each day. Please look through the new Sunday and daily strips and tell us what you think by emailing

The article doesn’t say if it is a wholesale change or if some of the old strips will remain.
Also is this a new color Sunday section or not.
Here is a view of their Sunday comics from about a year ago:



From North Carolina to Maine

Youngster Joseph would like to see a few comics in his newspaper:

Dear Editor:

I am a 10-year-old boy. My mother and father receive your paper. I think that kids should enjoy the paper too. So I believe that it would be appropriate for The Ellsworth American to add a comic section to the paper.


The Ellsworth American is a weekly newspaper.



Returning Pickles is Front Page News

The paper notes that “our comics distributor had discontinued our access to the comic.”
Due to “loud and clear” protests by the newspaper’s readers, they “found a new source for Pickles.”
Above image comes via the Pickles Facebook page.



I’m a Strange Duck

Some people are having issues with the NEW Comics Kingdom.
Here was my biggest problem with the rollout:

I was really upset that they were putting the Prince Valiant title panel out for everyone.
I thought it was a fantastic nod to the newspapers that carried the strip that King Features
was keeping the title panel as an exclusive to their subscribing print clients.
Like throwing them a bone. You know—something.
Then I saw the March 31 strip on the new Comics Kingdom. Bummed.

But today’s April 7 Val is back to full tabloid size, no title panel:

Hope it stays at the tab size. Let papers have the title, and I get to see the tab version online.



Welp. I’m back to disappointment. Just went back to Comics Kingdom and…






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  1. Re: Goldsboro News-Argus. The following Daily strips were dropped.

    Alley Oop
    Andy Capp
    Arlo & Janis
    Big Nate
    The Born Loser
    Frank & Ernest
    Herman (not pictured)


    Peanuts (yes, a newspaper in 2019 has dropped Peanuts!!!)

    As for the Daily strips added…..

    Fort Knox
    Hi & Lois
    Wizard Of Id

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