The Annual Return of Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin County by Watterson & Breathed returned once again for April Fools’ Day.

For the fourth year in a row, ever since Berke Breathed, in 2016, announced that “Bill Watterson and myself in Tuscany signing the franchise over to my ‘administration,’” April 1st has seen the yearly revival of Calvin and Hobbes in a mashup with Bloom County.


So it was no surprise when this April 1 showed up so did Calvin, but not Hobbes.

Go to Berkeley Breathed’s Bloom County Facebook page for the above and more great humor.

I was going to link to Alan Gardner’s reports on Calvin County strips from previous years,
but it seems the mashups started after Alan got busy elsewhere.
So here are the 2017 and 2018 Calvin County strips:

Notice that these two are in tabloid format, where this year’s was in half-page format.
For a better look at the strips head over to the Berkley Breathed store,
where you can buy quality prints of the three color strips and the 2016 black and white “daily.”

Let it be noted that while Berkeley has joked about these strips,
he has never officially claimed that Bill Watterson is involved with these April Fools’ jokes.

Also: Watterson has remained silent, neither confirming nor denying his participation.

Whether actively involved or not, after four years there has to be some sort of compliance on Bill’s part.



From post-Calvin and Hobbes to pre-Calvin and Hobbes.

Andrews McMeel Editorial Director John Glynn stumbled onto some early Bill Watterson submissions before the decision was made to make the kid and his tiger the focus of the strip.

John posted them on his Twitter feed, where he is also posting other finds.