Funny Characters, But Not Fools, in Today’s News

Quotes From Cathy

Cathy Guisewite is on a book tour.

“After I quit the strip, so much started changing in my adult life,” Guisewite explains. “I dealt with it by writing it down — and honestly, I always wrote the strip before I drew it. For years I summed up ideas, thoughts, experiences in four frames for the strip. Getting to write in essay form was like coming home and taking off the Spanx!”



The Cat’s Meow

Cat Scratch Reader rates The World’s 30 Best Cats.
A third of them, including the top 3, appeared in comic strips.



A Comic History of Funny Girls

“We tend to frame the current explosion of female characters in the comics as a new thing, but it is part of a longer tradition.”

A brief (in house) review of Funny Girls: Guffaws, Guts, and Gender in Classic American Comics.



Jim Carrey and Mussolini’s Legacy

Tweeting the image, Carrey included the caption, “If you’re wondering what fascism lead to, just ask Benito Mussolini and his mistress Claretta.” Predictably, the heir to the Mussolini lineage didn’t love the graphic depiction of her grandfather’s death, prompting her to bluntly call Carrey a “bastard.”

Jim Carrey, in his capacity as political artist/cartoonist, has enraged Mussolini’s granddaughter.



An American Family

Baldo is written in that spirit: presenting stories to show you how other people experience things.

Hector Cantu is interviewed.



Paul Fell brags.



It’s a Fool’s Game

Thanks to Gary Larson and The Bristol Board