Reed Hoover – RIP


Champion Pluggers contributor Reed Hoover has passed away.

Reed Hoover
February 16, 1931 – March 25, 2019


From the obituary:

In 1952 he joined his father in business at H&S Company. He ran the business until he retired. Reed had a strong interest in history and paleontology. He was published and cited for his work at SMU, including his contribution in discovering and documenting the oldest in situ archeological site in the North Sulphur River Deposits. Reed participated in paleontological expeditions and was also one of the early explorers of what is now the Inner Space Caverns.


Never short on wit or jokes, Reed was recognized for having his submissions posted the most frequently in the Texas Monthly contests. His submissions to Contest Captions were regularly chosen and published in newspapers nationally. He was a frequently published contributor to Pluggers cartoons in papers nationwide.



From a November 2017 Dallas News article, Plugger cartoonist Gary Brookins is quoted:

“The all-time champ is Reed Hoover from Dallas, who I’ve used, I’m sure, over 200 times,” the artist says. “He sends in terrific ideas that usually have a nice twist to them. … He’s well up in his 80s and has had some health issues, so I don’t hear from him as much these days. His daughter sends in ideas for him now.


Pluggers may not have deep pockets, but they sure are high.

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