The End of the Road: Ballard Street

With March 30, 2019, the Ballard Street comic panel comes to an end.


by Jerry Van Amerongen
daily: March 4, 1991 – March 30, 2019
Sunday: March 10, 1991* – October 17, 2010
Creators Syndicate
[began as a daily strip, went panel only in early 1994]
*unconfirmed – Sundays began in L. A. Times on March 24, 1991


above: sample of Ballard Street as a comic strip


above: the last Sunday edition of Ballard Street


Jerry sent the panel off with a great final week.

The penultimate panel (below) showcased a Van Amerongen couple in a typically fantastic situation.


The last panel has Scooter donning his chaps and running free of any deadlines.

A wonderful end to the feature.


We thank Jerry for the years of incomparable, eccentric and funny panels, and wish Jerry all the best.
Also, good luck with this year’s nomination in the Newspaper Comic Panel division of the Reubens.


Keep in touch with Jerry at his Facebook page.


Update: (and GoComics) ran 2013 daily reprints during April 2019.
Unknown if those April 1st – 30th daily reprints appeared in newspapers.





4 thoughts on “The End of the Road: Ballard Street

  1. I would like to think Ballard St is going to be remembered as one of the all-time greats.It was never less than amusing, and often brilliant.

  2. You will be missed. Your sense of humor was crazy good to me. I thank you.
    Zandra Frailich
    North Hollywood, Calif

  3. Just a note to say Ballard Street has given me great pleasure, these many years.
    I would like to express my thanks for Jerry’s creative genius. He will be missed.
    Jim Maxwell
    Redondo Beach, California

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