Joes Heller, Hoffecker, Martin, and Leyendecker


Joe Heller was a Green Bay Press Gazette staff cartoonist for 28 years, then he was let go.
Now he is syndicated to over 400 newspapers around the world.
The Press Times reports on local cartoonist still making good.





Cincinnati Business Courier cartoonist and audience development director Joe Hoffecker, whose cartoons appear in all American City Business Journals papers, is leaving the company after 32 years to run the city’s Metropolitan Club.

His editorial cartoons began getting picked up by other American City Business Journals newspapers, the parent company of the Cincinnati Business Courier, starting with the Sports Business Journal in 1998. Today his cartoons are carried by all 40 ACBJ newspapers. His last cartoon will be printed in the April 5 Weekly Edition.

Talking Biz News reports on Joe’s transition.




The “master” painter ended by signing his name, “Joe Martin” down in the lower right corner. Later on I was to see his signed billboards all around New Bedford.

That was the first time in my very young life that I had ever seen an artist at work. It stays with me to this day.

Cartoonist Randall Enos tells of an inspirational viewing of an artist at work.




Saturday Evening Post cover art.