James Estes – RIP


Cartoonist James Estes has passed away.

James Robert Estes
January 23, 1942 – March 24, 2019


From the obituary:

It was very apparent at a young age that James had a special ability to see humor and bring it to life with pen and paper. His passion was drawing cartoons. He made a life of making people smile with good, clean humor. He started drawing funny pictures at the age of five, but in the 1960’s, his career as a cartoonist began. James was a lifetime member of the National Cartoonists Society. He was very well known in the industry, becoming good friends with many well-known cartoonists. He always had a note pad in his front pocket waiting on the next joke or idea.

“No, no — ‘psychotherapist’ is one word!”


James contributed magazine cartoons to Women’s World, Saturday Evening Post, Boy’s Life, Leatherneck, Highlights, and others.


In the early 1980s James syndicated the Sonny Pew comic strip.

“Sonny Pew” centered gags on the young son of a preacher.


Thanks to Tim Oliphant and Mike Lynch for the original notice of James’s passing.
Mike Lynch has some more background on James.