A Wild and Crazy Gagman


As the signature shows, Harry Bliss has partnered with a famed comedian for some cartooning.

Says Harry:

Yes, it is that Steve. Steve was having dinner with Francoise [Francoise Mouly, the New Yorker’s Art Editor]  and others and mentioned he had a couple dog cartoon ideas, also mentioned he was a fan of my work, so Francoise put us together. This was about three weeks ago and since then we have been collaborating daily, sort of creative email back-and-forth ‘dance’ on various cartoon ideas, most of which will either appear in the magazine and in syndication. It’s a total blast.

The first Harry Bliss/Steve Martin collaboration for the syndicated daily panel
showed up today (March 25, 2019; above).

But as Michael Maslin explains: it’s not the first appearance of the team
– or of Steve Martin teaming with cartoonists.