Erie Times-News Cuts 10 Dailies, Adds 2 Sundays

The Erie Times-News, after tallying their comics survey, has cut 10 comic strips and panels from their daily line-up.

Gone are “Wallace The Brave,” “Mr. Boffo,” “Mary Worth,” “Lio” “Herman,” “Moderately Confused,” “Wumo,” “The Buckets,” “Shoe” and “Get Fuzzy.”

Though I suspect not everyone will be amused by today’s comics pages, I hope you will feel your voice was heard.

After all, about 3,500 of you reached out to tell us the comic strips you preferred. The ones that were discontinued reflect your choices.

The Times-News added two strips, Pickles and Loose Parts, to their Sunday Funnies and brought back the previously cut Prince Valiant.

I’m happy to say your preferences also helped us improve the four-page Sunday comics package.

After seeing the popularity of “Pickles” and “Loose Parts,” we have added them to our lineup. You will start seeing them on March 24.

Those who have missed “Prince Valiant” in recent weeks will be relieved to see it is back, too.

Net gain: two new comics each Sunday.

Times-News editor Doug Oathout’s column to the readers.


As best as I can determine, the new Erie Times-News daily comics pages consist of

Beetle Bailey
Mark Trail
Pearls Before Swine
Rex Morgan, M.D.
Mary Worth
The Buckets
Mother Goose and Grimm
The Grizzwells
B. C.
Loose Parts
Get Fuzzy
Close To Home
Baby Blues
For Better or For Worse
Frank and Ernest
Arlo and Janis
Wallace the Brave
Pajama Diaries
Hi and Lois
Big Nate
The Born Loser
The Wizard of Id
Moderately Confused
Mr. Boffo




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  1. I’m unlikely ever to be a reader of the Erie Times-News, but losing Wallance the Brave while keeping, say, Frank and Ernest or the 78th rerun of Peanuts seems at the very best a step sideways, and probably worse.

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