Tom K. Ryan 1926 – 2019


King Features has noted the passing of Tom K. Ryan.


Tom’s Tumbleweeds collections were some of my most favored comic books.


Ger Apeldoorn has a few Tumbleweeds comic strips at his site, including some of the first ones.


Here’s the beginning of a site dedicated to Tom and Tumbleweeds.


And here’s Tom’s Tumbleweeds site.


A proper obituary as details emerge.




3 thoughts on “Tom K. Ryan 1926 – 2019

  1. Sorry to hear his passing. I got to correspond with him years ago, and he was always gracious in answering my questions.

    The strip was always enjoyable, with fun gags and characters. He will be missed.

  2. Tumbleweeds was published in the Netherlands for only 2 years in the seventies (I was than about 12 years old), and than I had no interest in the strip.
    I discovered the strip in 2011, several years after mr Ryan had stopped and from then I’ve searched the internet for material of Tumbleweeds.
    Buying the books and newspaper-clippings from several countries, it has never stopped. When I see something on eBay I try to buy it.
    From correspondence with mr Ryan I’ve understood I have more books of Tumbleweeds (about 70) than he did.
    I even have published several books of Tumbleweeds in limited editions (see my own website) and made a website as a tribute to the strip and to mr Ryan:
    Now knowing he has passed away makes me sad, but he is immortal thanks to Tumbleweeds.

    Thank you, mr Ryan! For so much fun I’ve seen so far (about 25%) and for all the fun I still hope to see in the future.

  3. It’s always sad when hearing of another of these creative wonders passing away, but, thanks that the entertaining material lives on will suffice. I’ve enjoyed GRIMY GULCH and it’s inhabitants for years along with so much other great material that had been offered over the many years. Thanks to Mr. Ryan, rest well always. Peace.

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