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Comics Related Oscars

The Oscars are tomorrow night.

So Torsten Adair, at The Beat, has assembled past Oscars that went to comics related projects that originated in print (that leaves out almost all of the animated shorts and films).



More of The Boondocks

Aaron MacGruder (and Seung Kim) have returned with more of The Boondocks.

SOHH carries the strips.



Game Time

Can you name all the comic strip characters?

hat tip: R. Robert Pollack



Nineteen Years (and Counting)

Brad Guigar looks back on 19 years of Philadelphia Daily News and webcomic cartooning.



Best Of The First 25 Reference Packs

Animation Resources is celebrating 15 years with free giveaways.

This giveaway is a 192 page pdf of great print cartoonists – Louis Biedermann, E. Simms Campbell, H. M. Bareman, Gustave Doré, Louis Raemaekers, Willard Mullin, Zim, and, as they say, many more.

Information about Animation Resources with links to a “best of” animation video.



Barbara Shermund Exhibit

Liza Donnelly, at The New Yorker, on Barbara Shermund and the current Billy Ireland exhibit.

They are still collecting for the Barbara Shermund burial fund.



Dan De Carlo and Billy Ireland

Speaking of the Billy Ireland Library and Museum…

they just got a bunch of Dan DeCarlo.




Leslie Cabarga via The Bristol Board




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