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Cleveland Reader Wants ‘Pickles’ Not ‘Crackers’

A February 4th letter into The Cleveland Plain Dealer lamented a recent comics change.

From the letter:

Just when I thought it was safe to read the comics after all the changes in the “Diversions” section, I opened the Sunday paper to discover that my favorite comic, “Pickles,” had been replaced (with no prior warning) by something called “Animal Crackers.”



Community Comments

#1 Mary McNeil
@ 4:02 pm

I thought Animal Crackers ended years ago ! Is it in reruns in the PD. or is it re-launched.

#2 D. D. Degg
@ 6:36 pm

Mike Osbun was groomed to replace Fred Wagner as cartoonist on Animal Crackers, and in 2016 he did just that. Animal Crackers has run since 1968 ( Roger Bollen 1968-1994, Fred Wagner 1994-2016, Mike Osbun 2016-present), and continues to this day.

#3 Mary Ann Auner
@ 4:02 pm

Please bring back Pickles. It is a cute, funny strip and one that I looked forward to in the comics. It is a shame that you had a contest to ask people what they wanted, and they voted to keep Pickles, and now you go and get rid of it an y way. Why is that? Please bring it back

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