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“This time he went too far”


Letters to the editor – cartoonists help fill the newspaper opinion pages.


“The Girl Scouts are off limits”

“Thanks a lot, Steve Breen, for…[putting] a damper on Girl Scout cookie sales”

“Linking Girl Scouts to heart disease”

Steve Breen: some things are sacred.



“editorial leadership needs to exercise more sensitivity and discretion when choosing which cartoons to publish”

Michael Ramirez gets called on “false equivalence.”


“I look forward every day to Michael Ramirez’s editorial cartoons”

On the other hand.


“the Las Vegas Review Journal published a propaganda cartoon in derogation of Native Americans using a stereotype of Indian alcoholism”

But then again…



“She shows humor and compassion where needed and points to the wrongdoing…”

Linda Boileau gets some love.



“Sometimes I liked Steve Benson’s cartoons. Sometimes I disliked them. I almost always found them outrageous and rude. Sometimes in bad taste. But, almost always funny!”

Steve Benson will be missed


“Gannett Publishing has announced that yellow journalism’s premier cartoonist, Steve Benson, has been laid off from the editorial staff of Phoenix’s The Arizona (People’s Democratic) Republic.

“Hang in there, Stevie! You should send your résumé to Pravda, in Moscow. If hired, you should feel at home, except for language and the Russians’ more benevolent attitude toward gun ownership than the Republic’s.”

Or not


note: Benson, after a week’s rest, continued his cartooning as syndicated by Creators.












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