Cartoonists’ Challenge Coins

People in the military all know what a challenge coin is, but few civilians do. A challenge, or unit, coin is a medallion that represents affiliation, support or patronage to the organization minted on the coin. Almost all military units have their own coins, carried by the members of the units, and commanders often have special coins to give out when someone does something special for the unit.

A few days ago Tom Richmond blogged about Challenge Coins.

Tom delves into the military history of challenge coins and mentions others created by Jeff Keane and Garry Trudeau. I think these are great.

It’s actually a reprise post from 2013.

But now some questions.
Does the “military” BD coin beat out the civilian NCS coin?
Or, does the National Cartoonists Society Presidential coin outrank a NCS member coin?
And, since Tom and Jeff both served two terms which of theirs would beat the other?

Sorry, I couldn’t find the Jeff Keane coin.