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The Father of Children’s Goth

Edward Gorey is the doubtful guest in this fine biography: a stubbornly evasive and irreducible essence, now sprawled in a tureen, now chewing on crockery, now standing with his nose to the wall. He lived 30 years too early and 100 years too late. His solitude was significant, that’s for sure—but not as significant as his genius, which put him in touch, eventually, with the audience that could not do without him.

James Parker, at the Atlantic, reviews Born to Be Posthumous: The Eccentric Life and Mysterious Genius of Edward Gorey by Mark Dery

I got this a couple weeks ago but haven’t read it yet. I’m trying to finish another book and with this Edward Gorey book I got almost a dozen recently purchased books I need to get to. And then today I bought another book, what’s wrong with me?



Connie to the Wonnie Climbs Toward the Next Chapter

There are not a lot of webcomics I keep up with, and Connie to the Wonnie is (was?) not one of those. But when I came on this Charlie Upchurch talk with Connie Sun about stepping back for a moment before going forward I had to read it. The loved opening comic strip (reprod above), it drew me in to a wonderful read.



Popeye Cartoon Club

On the subject of webcomics – I think I’m really going to enjoy Popeye’s Cartoon Club.



Five process images for my New Yorker ‘Winter Garden’ cover

Tom Gauld shows the stages of his art on its way to the cover of The New Yorker.



Animation Anecdotes #400

Jim Korkis‘ weekly Animation Anecdotes column comes to an end.
Next Friday: Suspended Animation.



The Public Domain is Working Again – No Thanks to Disney

In 1998, when the 20-year extension of the Sonny Bono Act took effect, works created in 1922 had already entered the public domain. The works released into the public domain on the first of this year pick up from that point, making available creative works from 1923. Unless the laws change again, new works will enter the public domain every January 1 until 2073.

Brian Gabriel, via Cartoon Brew, discusses the role of public domain works in new creativity.



Who You Callin’ A Pinhead?!?

Stephen Heller and Print magazine preview Bill Griffith’s Nobody’s Fool.



11 Amazing but Completely Useless Rube Goldberg Inspired Machines

Interesting Engineering has picked 11 videos of Rube Goldberg contraptions in action.




While you’re waiting for your copies of Comic Strip Cartoonist and Hogan’s Alley to arrive…
here’s the latest issue of Penstuff, the Monthly Newsletter of Cartoonists Northwest.